Cryostretch is the application of cold to facilitate stretching after muscle or joint injury. Exaggerated ("overactive") responses to active or passive range of motion can be overcome by cold-induced relief or local pain. Most Protocols suggest ice masssage before or simultaneous with active and passive range-of-motion exercises. Ice massage, for example, has been combined with proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) techniques for muscle stretching to improve flexibility. Ice massage for 10 to 15 minutes is followed by passive range of motion to point at which futher motion cannot proceed because of pain or contracture. An isometric contraction is then maintained for 5 seconds, followed by a pause, and then passive range of motion to pain threshold or resisted motion. This cycle of ice application, contraction, relaxation, and stretching is repeated. Excellent results in range of motion are often achieved after several minutes of stretching, depending on individual response to passive range of motion.

Cryokinetics -

Cryokinetics is the use of cold therapy in stretching programs to improve voluntary effort by eliminating pain inhibition. For example, ice message to the elbow or patellar tendon prior to exercise may allow more effective strengthening of the respective forearm or quadriceps muscles. However, thers is a risk of increased injury if pain is masked by the anesthetic effect of the cold treatment. It is recommended that a passive or active range-of-motion program progress slowly to remain well within pain tolerance limits. Progress should be evaluated daily to increase or decrease intensity of effort based on the clinical response. The goal of cryokinetics is normal pain-free range of motion as well as improved strength.

Plantar Fasciitis -

Plantar Fasciitis is an inflammation of the strong fibrous bands that run along the bottom of your foot. It helps maintain the arch and holds the foot rigid as you walk. Along with the muscles and bones this connective tissue, the plantar fascia, forms the arch of the foot. You will usually feel plantar fasciitis pain in your arch and heel. Cryocup ice message for 10 - 15 minutes followed by stretching, to within limits of pain, is very effective. One stretching method is to use your toes to pull a towel, piece of paper or marble off the floor. Remember, the goal of rehabilitation is to do all you can to decrease the discomfort and improve flexibility and strength of your foot before returning to your previous level of activity.

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