It's the CRYOCUPTM..... State of the Art ..... Ice Massage tool for the treatment of strains, sprains, muscle spasms, pain and inflammation of osteoarthritis and other musculo-skeletal conditions. Cryo Therapy, Inc. has a more effective solution - one that combines the cooling response of an ice pack with the effectiveness of ice message. The CRYOCUPTM - a patented simple-to-use ice applicator - reduces the time it takes for soothing cold to penetrate into muscles and begin relieving the aches and pains of muscle strains, sprains and tendinitis.


  • Reusable ( add water and freeze)
  • Cost - effective
  • Resale - Promotional / Marketing Value
  • Home Use
  • Cold Retardant Handle
  • Tidy - Durable - Convenient
  • Contoured base for comfort and ease of application
  • 10 - 12' Modiality - Timed Ice
  • Conserves Storage / Landfills

        DIRECTIONS FOR USE - See Website Header for illustrations

  • Press handle evenly and firmly into base
  • Fill completely with tap water and freeze
  • To separate CRYOCUP rotate cup base under warm running water.
  • Twist base and remove.

We do massage therapy 5 days a week and our self-care routine always includes icing our arms in the hot tub with the Cryocup. We always recommend the Cryocup to all our clients with tendinitis in their arms and knees...

Steve and Maria - Center for Muscle Therapy - Salt Lake City        

"Overall, the Cryocups' performance was superb. Specific site therapy, protection of the therapist's hands, and 'directional dripping' are some of the advantages we found using your product. We are happy to promote a product we truly believe in ." 

Karen Gibson, Keith Lee, Maryanne Torrellas - Total Exercise and Massage Team - The Fitness Professional